Guglielmo Jervis Hut

2250 m - Pian del Nel - Ceresole Reale (To) ITALY

Gran Paradiso National Park

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The hut is OPEN!

June and September: open on week-ends;
July and August: open every day.
2 h by foot from Chiapili di Sotto or Borgata Villa (Ceresole Reale - TO).

ATTENTION! the refuge Guglielmo Jervis is in VALLE DELL'ORCO and is not the Willy Jervis hut that is in Valle Pellice

The Guglielmo Jervis Hut

The Guglielmo Jervis Hut is located at Pian del Nel, near to Levanne’s mountains. It offers bar service, restaurant and accommodation.

It has a fairly easy access from the valley of Ceresole, so that it is a classic destination for summer trips. It also represents an excellent starting point for excursions into the group of Levanne’s mountains.

The refuge is dedicated to Willy Jervis, engineer and vice president of the CAI of Ivrea, who was shot by the SS in Villar Pellice in 1944 on the 5th of August.

The structure of the shelter is a masonry construction in stone with two floors. It was originally a military barracks, built in support to the troops in the border area with France. After the war, the barracks was given to the CAI of Ivrea, who adapted it to be an hut. The hut was opened on 1946, the 21th of July.